My translation workflow

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Coming from my native language german, I got used to speak, write and think in English all day long. Still from time to time I have both english and german terms I want to get translated. At the same time I want to track my progress of terms over time.

Therefore I’m using Alfred and a custom workflow. Let’s have a look what it does:

Gif showing a translation workflow

You see: I can type in a word and retrieve a translation. It’s using the service underneath the hood.

On top I also log the searched terms and chosen translations into a file:

source 1607253412 converter
translation 1607253415 Umrichter
source 1607253860 translation
translation 1607253865 Parallelverschiebung

This way I can come back later and look at things like the frequency I search for terms

Feel free to download the alfred workflow and use it yourself / investigate how it works underneath the hood:

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