Quickstarting Drupal 8

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Before and around Drupalcon Nashville there was a lot of discussion around improving the first time experience. Things we achieved for example is a new Drupal.org homepage with a clear focus on 3 different userstories.

One small work we have been doing can be seen in the following video:

Drupal quickstart from daniel wehner on Vimeo.

To summarize this video: It should be possible to start Drupal as quickly as possible:

  • Download Drupal
  • Execute a single command: php core/scripts/drupal quick-start
  • Have a working Drupal opened upon a web browser automatically.

Having such a command is a big step forward.

For me there is a lot of new possibilities opened up:

  • The technical evaluator experience is potentially easier now
  • Installation profiles could have an easier time
  • We maybe adapt this command to make the first time contribution sprints orders of magnitude easier

To try it out you need to execute the following steps:

- curl -sS https://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-x.y.z.zip --output drupal-x.y.z.zip
- unzip drupal-x.y.z.zip
- cd /path/to/drupal-x.y.z
- php core/scripts/drupal quick-start

Please leave us feedback on Drupal.org / twitter / Slack.

PS: This was truely a team effort:

Chelsee Chi Mile23 Mixologic alexpott andypost borisson_ cashwilliams danquah dawehner droffats dsnopek geerlingguy gerzenstl heddn jonathanshaw kim.pepper larowlan maxstarkenburg mglaman mradcliffe pbirk phenaproxima quietone ressa scotty vaplas yoroy